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Current Advocacy Campaigns from Riverkeeper:

Help Protect Endangered Hudson River Sturgeon
The Fisheries Service should be made aware that protecting these fish is a priority for those of us in the Hudson Valley who love this river and the life in it.
Tell Congress: Stop Trump from gutting the EPA
Tell your federal representatives: Trump's proposal to slash EPA funding flushes common sense down the drain
Tell EPA now: Protect People and Wildlife, Not GE
Show EPA that New Yorkers are united and demand that EPA tell GE to finish the the PCB cleanup.
Help Save the Environmental Law That Banned Fracking
Save the review process that led to New York's fracking ban. Under new regulations proposed by the DEC, a key part of the process would be removed, disempowering governmental entities and the public in favor of large developers and industry.
Tell EPA: Protect our health, stop the menace of PCBs
Call EPA: Protect our health, stop the menace of PCBs
Tell Your State Senator: Protect the Hudson from Oil Barges
Tell Your State Senator: Protect the Hudson from Oil Barges
Urge Your Representative to Support NYC Fracking Waste Ban
Call Your City Council Member and Ask Them to Co-Sponsor NYC Fracking Waste Ban Legislation
Urgent: Protect Bald Eagles from Imminent Gas Pipeline Construction
Tell the USFWS to protect Bald Eagles from imminent gas pipeline Construction.

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